Cyclists can’t get enough of data – whether it’s our time up a favourite climb, top speed down a hill or the distance of an epic Sunday ride, we love to do a bit of number crunching.

A bike GPS computer is a great tool for recording all the important information so you can train smarter as well as finding your way around.

They pick up signals from constellations of satellites orbiting way out in space to work out your position on the planet and therefore the speed at which you are riding.

On top of that, models with ANT+ and Bluetooth capability allow you to connect a phone or sensors to record your pedalling rate, power output, or heart beats – great if your are working through a fitness training programme.

Some of our selected GPS units work with the popular fitness app Strava to offer Live Segments – a feature that can spice up solo rides by offering a virtual training partner for you to race on your favourite hills.